** Suite à une mise à jour de Microsoft Office 365 contenant un bug sérieux, l'utilisation de MyPrivate est actuellement compromise **.  
Microsoft a annoncé un correctif pour le 24 novembre

** Nach einem Update auf Microsoft Office 365 mit einem schwerwiegenden Fehler ist MyPrivate derzeit gefährdet. **. 
Microsoft hat eine Lösung für den 24.November angekündigt

** Following an update of Microsoft Office 365 with a serious bug, MyPrivate is currently compromised **. 
Microsoft has announced a fix for 24th November





If necessary, we can remotely connect to your computer and provide support. To do this, the procedure is as follows:

  • We take contact by telephone
  • Select the Windows Start button, navigate to [Windows Accessories], and select [Quick Assist]
  • The screen on the left will appear
  • Select [Get assistance]

Note: on older Windows computers Quick Assist may not be installed. In this case the support agent will guide you through an alternative procedure.



The following screen will appear.

  • Enter the code that we communicate to you, for example 63973, in the [Enter code] box
  • Select [Submit]

After a period of up to 60 seconds, the screen on the left appears.

The name of our support agent will be shown as well.

By selecting [Allow], you will enable our support agent to see the contents of your screen, and to control your mouse and keyboard.





 For the entire duration of the support intervention, the small window shown on the left will indicate that the support agent has access to your computer.

Once the support agent has finished his work, select [X] to terminate the intervention.




Select [Close] to confirm, or [Cancel] if you hit the [X] button by mistake.

08r   Select [X] once more.
09r   Finally, if you are in a good mood you may provide feedback to Microsoft on your experience with Quick Assist!

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