MDF-BIS S.A. is based in Cossonay, about 10 km from Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

The company was founded in 2001 and is offering a variety of services to numerous clients in industries as diverse as jewellery shops, government administration, industrial companies and of course to private individuals as well.

MyPrivate was initially created to meet the personal needs of the founders, but has quickly evolved into a commercial product that is now widely adopted by Families across Switzerland, France, and Germany.

We see the product filling a gap in the market for those requiring strong administrative, financial and prudential management, but for whom an external family office (multi- or single) is not adapted and consequently opt to manage their operations internally instead.

The solution is now believed to be unparalleled in breadth of function, ensures a high level of privacy, and forms the backbone of many family office operations.

We pride ourselves on quality of service, discretion, and our strategy to align with current best-in-class technology components and standards.

It will be with great pleasure that we will answer to your inquiries!




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