Tracking the cost related to household operations is complex, in particular in a situation with multiple residences. This information is however key for sound decision-making related to replacement of equipment, upgrades or simply for comparing multiple commercial offers. Five visuals are at one's disposal, each with its own viewing angle on operational costs:

  1. General administration: reconciliation accuracy, payment profile (credit cards, direct debits, invoices, ...) as well as major suppliers
  2. Equipment tracking for various types of objects such as valuables, furniture, appliances with different appraisal methods according to the need (taxation, succession, commercial)
  3. Insurance premiums by category (damages, health, legal liabilities, ...) as well as by object or person
  4. Cost tracking by vehicle with evolution of cost per km/mile
  5. Operations costs related to gas/water/electricity/heating and telecom by residence and/or by supplier

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