** Suite à une mise à jour de Microsoft Office 365 contenant un bug sérieux, l'utilisation de MyPrivate est actuellement compromise **.  
Microsoft a annoncé un correctif pour le 24 novembre

** Nach einem Update auf Microsoft Office 365 mit einem schwerwiegenden Fehler ist MyPrivate derzeit gefährdet. **. 
Microsoft hat eine Lösung für den 24.November angekündigt

** Following an update of Microsoft Office 365 with a serious bug, MyPrivate is currently compromised **. 
Microsoft has announced a fix for 24th November



module portefeuille en

The "Portfolio" module has been designed to keep an accurate and up-to-date view on your financial investments, including stocks, bonds and funds

Stock quotes and currency rates can be downloaded automatically from the internet

The tabs available in the "Portfolio" module are

  • Passport
  • Documents
  • Portfolio
  • Stock limit orders
  • Transactions
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Funds
  • Currencies
  • Currency closing
  • Securities closing
  • Summary
  • Profit by security
  • Profit by sector
  • Profit by type
  • Profit by rating
  • Profit by market
  • Notepad
  • Report


For detailed information, please download the user's guide:

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