** Suite à une mise à jour de Microsoft Office 365 contenant un bug sérieux, l'utilisation de MyPrivate est actuellement compromise **.  
Microsoft a annoncé un correctif pour le 24 novembre

** Nach einem Update auf Microsoft Office 365 mit einem schwerwiegenden Fehler ist MyPrivate derzeit gefährdet. **. 
Microsoft hat eine Lösung für den 24.November angekündigt

** Following an update of Microsoft Office 365 with a serious bug, MyPrivate is currently compromised **. 
Microsoft has announced a fix for 24th November



The 'Ecology' module helps you calculate the emissions of CO2 from your family

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. It has an impact on the increase of the sea level, the melting of the glaciers, the outbreak of severe storms, the extinction of plants and animals, as well as the arrival of heat waves and floods

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The module 'Ecology' allows you to understand the impact of your household's choices on climate

Click on the link below to download the manual for the use of this module (in French only)

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Sitemap www.myclimate.org: non-profit association allows you to purchase carbon credits to offset yourCO2 emissions

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