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The "Collections" module allows to quickly and easily create an inventory of your collections of books, DVDs and CDs

The articles are identified through

  • their EAN or ISBN code
  • one or more keyword(s), or by transmission of
  • the barcode with a reader, which makes this task extremely fast

The information displayed varies depending on the data available on the web services, but generally at least a picture, a description of the item, the EAN / ISBN code and the author's name are available

It is also possible to note to whom and when an item was lent. So it will be easy to know where each lent object is

The "Collections" module displays in one of the tabs a summary with the number of objects listed by collection and their total value

The following tabs are available in the 'Family' module

  • Collections
  • Catalog
  • Acquisition
  • Cashflow
  • Summary
  • Books inventory
  • DVDs inventory
  • CDs inventory
  • Lent items
  • Notepad
  • Documents
  • Reports


For detailed information, please download the user's guide:

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