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** Suite à une mise à jour de Microsoft Office 365 contenant un bug sérieux, l'utilisation de MyPrivate est actuellement compromise **.  
Microsoft a annoncé un correctif pour le 24 novembre

** Nach einem Update auf Microsoft Office 365 mit einem schwerwiegenden Fehler ist MyPrivate derzeit gefährdet. **. 
Microsoft hat eine Lösung für den 24.November angekündigt

** Following an update of Microsoft Office 365 with a serious bug, MyPrivate is currently compromised **. 
Microsoft has announced a fix for 24th November


Whenever you need to convince a family member, a Client and even yourself to take action, often the most effective method is to use a good story.

Now, the most compelling stories combine personal experience or anecdotes with data and facts – it strengthens the argument and probability of inducing change.
That is where Insights will help: provide you with factual analysis supporting your analysis or recommendation.
As a concrete example, the CO2 footprint analysis calculated by MyPrivate is shown, and five key messages that can be used:


1  The family emitted 45 tons of CO2, paid a contribution to MyClimate for offsetting equalling 15 tons, resulting in a net emission of 30 tons, or about 7.5 tons per household member.

2  The family lives in Switzerland, where the average emissions are 5 tons pro capita, meaning that the family pollutes more than the average. 

3  The increase of 25 tons between 2015 and 2016 was mainly due to the family taking an overseas trip to California.

4  If investments are to made to the residence, priority should be given to the efficiency of the heating system.

5  Drilling down into nutrition, an often overlooked source of emission – over 4 tons per year, will reveal that 75% is linked to the family’s consumption of beef. By moving from menus predominantly based on beef to pork or poultry emissions will drop by 1.5 tons.


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