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From our user feedback we know that, through adoption of the MyPrivate software, they deepen their understanding of matters important to family management.

MyPrivate is designed to empower you to make better and faster decisions, regardless if it concerns finance, personal development, protection of the family or social responsibility. 



We get this question very often, and it is a very relevant one.

Due to its broad functionality, we recommend you to familiarise yourself with the software through the free 30-day trial license.

The setup wizard will help with the basic configuration and immediately afterwards you will be able to process your daily transactions; you can expect to be fully at ease operating the software within 1 or 2 weeks.

Later on, according to your priorities and needs, you can deploy additional modules, such as Pension Fund Management, Stock Portfolio Management or Health. Simply download and read the corresponding manual, try the functionality on the demo database and start when you feel ready.


MyPrivate has been designed from the ground up to keep your data safe, on your personal computer.

The Windows 10 security features allow you to ensure that even in case of theft your data stays virtually inaccessible.

The MyPrivate Security Guidelines provide you with the appropriate steps for ensuring optimal protection – a strongly recommended read that you can download here.

Your data is yours, and MyPrivate provides full access at any time; reports produce accurate replicas of your data in PDF format. The document management system provides native export functionality of your documents, jointly with a comprehensive index. For technical users, the underlying relational database is accessible through SQL or other data management tools.

The Cloud is a no-go for MyPrivate. Despite assurances to the contrary, many major reputable corporations such as Yahoo, Equifax and even LastPass have recently seen data breaches affecting hundreds of millions of accounts; while technically MyPrivate can leverage the Cloud through Microsoft Onedrive and Microsoft Power BI Services we do not support this avenue.


MyPrivate supports you with all matters important to the management of the family.

We believe that we offer by far the broadest scope of functionality available on today’s market. There are 28 modules offering support for finance, household, prudential and leisure, with over 300 forms and 350 reports.

Besides transactional support we offer integrated document management, meaning that you can scan papers and link e-documents into MyPrivate for immediate  access and retrieval when needed.

For analytical purposes, we offer deep insights in your data through 40 predefined customizable visuals.


MyPrivate was developed from the start on with the international community in mind.

Currently, we offer full support for the English, German and French communities.

Users can choose from US and metric measurement systems.

MyPrivate supports all currencies and is connected to the world’s major stock, currency and commodity markets.

Online bill payment is supported in Switzerland (ESR/DTA and Swiss SEPA/ISO20022), in the European Community (SEPA/ISO20022), in the United Kingdom (BACS), and in the United States (CSV export).

Before you buy, you can download and try a free evaluation copy of MyPrivate Family Office.

The license for MyPrivate Family Office software is proposed at the price of CHF. 350.-, including 12 months of maintenance (software updates + support by e-mail).

At the end of the 12-month period, the user can renew the maintenance at any time for a new 12-month period at the price of CHF. 100.00.

It is possible to skip one or several updates and upgrade at a lesser frequency. However, to be eligible for free e-mail support, you need to upgrade to the latest release first.

Licenses are granted on a per seat basis, and can be used on a single computer only.  The license can be transferred to another computer at no cost.


for MyPrivate Standard and Replica Edition

MyPrivate runs on Windows 10, 8 and 7. 

Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit are both supported.

MyPrivate runs on top of Microsoft Office 365 / 2016 and will automatically add the additionally needed (free) components if not already installed.

For an optimal user experience, we recommend:

  • the Windows 10 Creators Update or the Windows 10 Fall Creators update
  • use of the standard Windows security tools (Windows Defender and Windows File History)
  • a subscription to Microsoft 365 Home or Personal 

for MyPrivate Pro Edition

The Insights edition requires Windows 64 bit and installation of Microsoft Power BI which can be downloaded for free here.



In order to scan paper documents into MyPrivate you will need a WIA-compatible scanner.

For backing and replicating up the MyPrivate data we recommend a NAS with encryption capabilities. If you do not plan to replicate the data to a secondary computer, you can use regular USB disks with Bitlocker activation instead.

If you have a large book, CD or DVD collection you will benefit from a barcode reader.

For Swiss customer, an ESR/DTA reader will facilitate the processing of the payment slips. Note however that as of 2019 these will be replaced by regular QR-code scanner.




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