Build 60180Published 05.10.2021
GeneralAfter installing an update the program no longer switches automatically to demo mode
The navigator control status is now restored during opening of a module
PaymentsThe list of invoices to be paid is now always sorted by due date
The formatting of the analytics screen has been improved
On non-english Office Installs the BVR and QR codes were sometimes not recognized
PensionProjections can now also be made by manually specifying monthly contributions
ResidenceOne-off rental with manually entered period and rent can now be managed
TalentFamily values can now be analyzed graphically
Build 60170Published 15.08.2021
GeneralThe performance of list views has been improved, as well as the analytics
MyPrivate can now be installed on Windows with different system languages
HouseholdCredit card accounts could not be selected in some screens of the equipment module
The type and manufacturer field list selection has been improved
OperationsTotals have been added for consumption on gas, water, wood and heating oil
PaymentsThe performance of the Payments module has been improved
In some cases, invoices were posted to the wrong module tab. A screen to review and correct errors has been added.
The performance of the Payments module has been improved
Bank account and identifier entered on a payment are now copied automatically to the address record.
TaxA new setup table has been added to categorize tax deductible invoices
Build 60160Published 07.07.2021
AccountThe account to account transfer has been split into a Transfer In and a Transfer Out screen for ease of use
The sort order and year selection on closing statements have been corrected
CollectiblesThe collectibles module will show only categories that contain at least one item
Support for the Hovercam slingshot function
EcologyThe Ecology module now provides access to the year selector
GeneralUnder certain conditions credit card spend was not visible in the modules
The user now gets a warning if the screen resolution is too low
Improved color scheme for write-enabled fields
HouseholdA new tab in the equipment module reports on the household value for insurance purposes
PaymentsThe US bank and check payment methods have been merged into a single Bill-Pay method
Under certain conditions changing the allocation filter would crash the program
PersonnelThe german template for salary payments has been added
SyncThe synchronisation engine has been written and is now 10x faster and no longer requires SQL Server to be installed
VehiclesIt is now possible to mark a car as company-car, allowing to manage the information without being added to the family assets
Build 60150Published 25.04.2021
BudgetAdded a new tab with the chart of accounts
CollectiblesAdded the possibility to assemble a reporting book
Added a collectibles report without prices for benchmarking purposes
GeneralDeprecated the rotating panels on the home screen
Added option to open the installation folder from the homepage
HealthThe drop-down field for Illness/Accident did not filter correctly
Import version 5The account movements were not propagated correctly
PortfolioImproved the error handling during the download of stock prices
StatementsAdded capability to compare financial ratios against an external sample population
VehiclesMarking a vehicle as "commercial vehicle" caused a crash
Build 60140Published 07.04.2021
CollectiblesThe notes entered in the Household module can be completed in the collectibles module
Custom reports can now be defined for collectibles detail info
EquipmentA new tab allows quick classification of objects for the Collectibles module
GeneralIn some cases the icons would not show up
A long waiting time when changing an icon has been resolved
The street address can now be entered in the address subforms
Various translation improvements
During Excel export sometimes error 1004 was showing up
The report tab names are now translated
PaymentsThe invoice reference was not being posted for equipment purchases
After posting a payment the fields can still be corrected if needed
After paying an invoice it still can be deleted if necessary
PersonnelA brand new module to manage your personnel has been released
ResidenceAn additional tab has been created to see all mortgage payments for a single residence
Build 60135Published 12.03.2021
AccountsCAMT.053 statements without IBAN indication (e.g. Credit Suisse) can now be loaded using an alternate account number
BudgetThe "reset values" option on the budget is now operational
FinancingThe drop-down list with suggested descriptions was incorrect
GeneralThis release includes the capability to import version 5 data
NutritionLine numbers have been added to the recipe ingredients
Steps have been added to the recipes
Print option has been added to the planning tab
PaymentsThe UK eBanking format (BACS) has been added
PortfolioIf you create a limit order without a date the screen does no longer open
Cashflow transactions can now be applied against portfolio accounts as well
There is no longer the need to manually configure stock price retrieval parameters
ResidenceThe summary view layout has been optimized, with increased search speed
Build 60130Published 26.02.2021
AccountsAdded the possibility to add credit card accounts for transfers
In the accounts module, a check on the validity of the IBAN has been added
The CAMT.053 worksheet printout has been translated into French and German
The imported CAMT.053 statements can now be filtered by year
GeneralThe program no longer stops when you open twice the same attachment
Various translation improvements
PaymentsDuring bill entry only entries for the currently selected module are shown in the dropdown
The recognition of IBAN and BIC on an invoice has been improved
Parameters have been added to warnt when the valuta date is too far in the past or in thefuture
A warning has been added when the OCR plugin is not installed or configured
Added additional controls prior to generating eBanking instructions
ResidenceIn some cases the closing balance of a mortgage did not compute
Corrected calculation for morrtgage closing balances & reporting
StatementsAn option has to be added to prefix the description in the chart of accounts with its code
An option to print the chart of accounts has been added
SyncThe ergonomy of the synchronisation information panel has been improved
TaxTax credits did not compute correctly
Build 60125Published 02.02.2021
AccountsDisable possibility to rename or delete account categories
CollectiblesEnabled possibility to add documents
Demo dataThe credit card account has been moved to the right category
EcologyEmissions related to nutrition are calculated
GeneralVarious stability issues have been fixed
After installing/reinstalling different scanners the listed names are now updated
A new parameter has been added allowing to choose the preferred location for temporary files
The setup procedure allows the user to change the default installation folder
Closing the application through [X] allows the user to bypass the automatic backup
All document tabs have the year selection disabledConfiguration parameter values are kept during updates
Added panel with database health indicator and compact/repair function
PaymentsCorrected an issue where BVR/ESR codes were not recognized correctly if not on last page
Credit card payment restrict the account to a list of credit cards
The program no longer crashes when Outlook parameters are incorrectly set
When credit card payment is selected, object does not contain credit cards
PensionIn some cases the closing balance of a statement was not taken into account
ResidenceTenant email address used for rental receipt can now be entered directly
Build 60120Published 22.01.2021
GeneralAdded 200+ translations
Bug fix related to missing screen translation
PaymentsPayment date will default to spend date if not set
After selecting a new document type the object selection is no longer erased
Credit card payment restrict the account to a list of credit cards
Build 60118Published 18.01.2021
AccountsAdd cash transfer, then tab "cash [G] -> not updatabed balance
Pets/Leisure/SportObsolete equipment can now be hidden or shown in the Sports, Leisure and Pets modules
GeneralA parameter is now available to avoid rotating display of module highlights
A number of missing primary keys have been added
During installation the check on the Microsoft Access Versiion is no longer performed
HealthAn address created in the [Address] tab is now immediately available in other tabs
PaymentsPosting of mortgage payments in the Paymemts module has been corrected
Document icons are now added imemdiately for files created by MyPrivate
The PAIN.001 payment file has been adjusted to meet Swiss Postfinance requirements
PortfolioMissing translations in the Portfolio module have been added
TaxThe checkboxes Submitted and Accepted can now be changed
Build 60111Published 04.01.2021
GeneralRefreshed demo dataset for 2021 (new installations only)
Support for very high screen resolutions (e.g. Surface Desktop)
NumLock is no longer disabled by the program
AccountsCAMT 051 statements without the tag can now be downloaded as well
CellarInsights correctly calculate revaluation
EquipmentEquipment from modules [Sport] and [Leisure] can now be maintained/repaired as well
FamilyPreset data entry fields for safe password & PIN management
PaymentsThe value date no longer shows hour and minutes
Validation of address information upon creation of a new payments
PortfolioCompletion of the [Portfolio] module supporting multiple cash accounts for one portfolio
ResidenceUnder some conditions a mortgage balance was not re-calculated
VehiclesAfter re-creating a lease payment schedules existing payments are automatically re-applied
Build 60000Published 01.09.2020
GeneralScreen layout resdesigned according to modern standards
Core engine rewritten for faster response times
Analytics accessible directly from within the modules
Redesigned document manager with support for flatbed and automatic feeder
Redesigned reports with better rendering
Implementation of a new, fresh orange/gray color scheme
Filter by keyword capability on summary screens
Expenses entered directly in the modules can be allocated to a bank account
Expenses entered directly in the modules have now an expense date as well as a payment date
Foreign currency rates are now automatically updated
Anonymous submission of modules/tabs accessed to support a more foucsed development process
Home ScreenNew home screen layout with direct access to all modules
New home screen offers 4 customizable images to better distinguish between "own data" and "demo data"
Integration of the calendar with important dates/events into the home screen
View on 4 major exchange rates on the home screen with manual refresh option
Replica editionRedesigned engine leveraging SQL Server instead of File-based copy
New synchronization engine allows for full and incremental inbound and outbound sync
FamilyIntegration of the addresbook into a new tab
Insignt analytics directly accessible from within the module
HealthNew tab allows you to track observations over time (e.g. moles)
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
AnimalsNew tab allows you to manage equipment related to your animals
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
ResidenceMortgage payment allocation redesigned from Open Item to Balance Forward for greater ease of use
Rental income redesigned from Open Item to Balance Forward for greater ease of use
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
HouseholdAligment between all types of equipment
Capability to allocate any type of equipment to a collectibles category
New link between Equipment and the new Collectibles Module
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
OperationsSimplified data entry screens for electricity, heating oil, water, gas and wood
New capability to track and account for electricity produced (e.g. from solar panels)
VehiclesSimplified data entry screen for tracking of consumption
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
InsuranceCoverage, inclusion and exclusions are now accessible from the home screen
Redesigned 12-month rolling forecast of insurance premiums
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
Pension fundsRedesigned projected revenue at retirement for ease of use
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
EcologyInsight analytics directly accessible from within the module
AccountsTransaction history collects movements from across all modules
New Transfer Tab combines Account-to-Account movements and Manual Transactions
Deprecated functionality to create payment file for account-to-account movements
TransactionsRebranded module from "Payments" to "Transactions"
Support for the new Swiss QR Bill
Reading of QR code by the software without need for extra equipment (e.g. Pay Eye or QR bar code reader)
Capability to retrieve bills automatically from Outlook or a Folder
Automatic extraction of IBAN and Swiss Reference Numbers from eBills in PDF format
Automatic extraction of IBAN and Swiss Reference Numbers from scanned documents through OCR
New single page design for invoice processing, with data on the left and original document on the right
All types of spend are now easily classified through 4 main types and 8 subtypes
Replacement of the 4 allocation drop downs by a single, multi-select list of all possible allocations
Extensive error checking prior to posting combined with record lock after post
Reconciliation tab has new capability to view all invoices and unreconcile
StatementsRedesigned chart of accounts
Redesigned Income & Expenses report
Redesigned Balance Sheet report
Redesigned Griffith Ratio Analysis report
Griffith Ratios are now calculated leveraging numbers from the financial reports
Option to share Griffith Ratios anonymously and benchmark own position
Possibility to enter adjustments with audit trail
New Chart of Accounts tab
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
BudgetRedesigned budget leveraging the new chart of accounts
Merging of the old Annual and Monthly views into a single Quarterly/Annual View
A new tab shows detailed budgeted change in Net Worth
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
TaxesAn extensive tax preparation checklist is now included
A new tab enables the review and selection of deductible invoices
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
FinancingComplete redesign of the module to better suit the needs of interfamily financing
Capability to track multiple loans in multiple currencies to family members or third parties
Optional setup of a reimbursement schedule
Allocation of reimbursements redesigned from Open Item to Balance Forward for greater ease of use
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
PortfolioNew capability to manage cash portion in multiple currencies for a single portfolio
Redesigned conversion from limit orders into transactions for greater ease of use
New tab allowing the management of Materials, in addition of Stock/Bonds/Funds
Replacement of the stock quote provider by a new, free stock service with high performance and access to 50 stockmarkets
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
TravelChecklists now supports both generic and trip specific items
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module
CollectiblesReplaces the deprecated "Collections" module
Taxonomy for household objects marked as "collectibles" can be refined in this module
Refreshed taxonomy for 29 main categories of collectibles and 230+ predefined attributes
Improved management of custom attributes
Improved management of stones, colored stones and pearls for jewelry objects
Access to appraisal reports (succession, tax, insurance) available as standard report
New evaluation worksheet for inventory takes
SportInsight analytics directly accessible from within the module
LeisureInsight analytics directly accessible from within the module
NutritionThe previous "Recipes" module is now renamed to "Nutrition"
New capability to establish a meal plan based on your recipes for one or more weeks and review calorific values
New capability to produce a single shopping list with required ingredients for the meal plan
CellarScreen layout and transactions redesigned for greater ease of use
New capability to manage cellar properties and capacity
Insight analytics directly accessible from within the module

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